First Aid Awareness and Health

As an NHS doctor, the provision of healthcare and first aid has always been a close personal and professional concern. St. John’s Ambulance estimates that up to 150,000 people a year could be saved during a medical emergency if there were more people trained in first aid.

Dr Tania Mathias Dr Tania Mathias

I have experienced this firsthand while working as a junior doctor abroad. A large crowd had formed around a man who had stopped breathing, and it became apparent that nothing was being done. While I was able to administer first aid, and transport was arranged for the individual, he did not survive.

Had first aid been administered earlier I am certain that there would’ve been a different outcome.

Equipping the community with first aid skills, at a range of ages, is essential to ensuring the best chances for those undergoing an medical emergency.

I have been in talks with the British Heart Foundation and St. John’s Ambulance to campaign and help improve first aid proficiency in Twickenham.

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Disclaimer: This is an independent voter campaigning to bring Dr Tania Mathias back in Parliament due to her great Leadership and Achievements in the past.

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