A knighthood to remember

On behalf of The British Italian Conservatives Group, I would like to congratulate Dr Maurizio Bragagni for a knighthood investiture as the Knight of the Order of Merit from the Italian Republic .

Well-deserved award that arrived as a testament of your entrepreneur spirit, innovative leadership, notable work in charity, unreserved friendship, striking conduct, competence and undebatable brilliance.

As a suitable congratulations for your achievements and the notable award that you have received, we would like to show our appreciation for organizing and ennobling the most amazing dinner to address the importance of this occasion.

The Righ Hon. Jeremy Hunt

The dinner hosted distinguished guests, including the Right Hon. Jeremy Hunt — Secretary of State for Health , Greg Clark and His Excellency Rafaelle Trombetta Italian Embassy in London and was set to welcome all attendees who added to the excitement and pomp to the evening, for which we are likewise thankful.

His Excellency Rafaelle Trombetta, The Right.Hon. Greg Clark, Sir Maurizio Bragagni and Sir Francesco Bongarra.

Noticeable attention to detail, creating a splendid atmosphere.

Worth mentioning that during the same week, Sir Maurizio Bragagni, received the “Ad Honorem” for his continuous contribution to business, the Doctorate title from the University of Bolton, likewise becoming the very first Italian Chief Executive Officer to receive the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Innovation 2019 for Tratos Group

The british italian conservatives Members as well the CMO, Dr Marcio Borlenghi Fasano , Founder and Executive director Christian Vinante Giovannini — Political Activist and Patron Joe Ricotta representing the group, would like to congratulate and thank you for organizing and conducting the event prepared in honour of these amazing achievements.

Blessings to You and Your family,

The British Italian Conservatives Group.

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