I am the genesis of a hero, a creator, a monk, and a child.

“As a creator, I know my body may die, but I will not, as I will live on in my creations, which are and always will be created in my image”

I aim to journey on, create, experience, and play with life. My core is not limited by or defined by these personality traits, rather, it limits and defines them. These traits are both prescriptive, of what I can and should be at my best, and descriptive, of what I can’t help but be even at my worst.

Life is my journey, my sanctuary, my playground, my bedroom and above all, my creation.

I am a hero. 
I fight for who I am and what I believe. I recognize that life is fleeting, and can end in an instant, so I consciously work to make sure that I am achieving life with every breath.

I know that I must work, fight, and suffer along this road, that I must do what needs to be done, to learn the lessons I need, to struggle, and return victorious. As the hero, I seek to follow my purpose, and defeat the challenges along the way. I recognise that while death is to be fought and avoided at all costs, a life without purpose is a fate worse than death.

I am a monk.
I immerse myself in the experience of life in this moment. I appreciate the majesty of life as an end in itself. I hold my focus as my greatest gift, and consciously direct it to experience of life. I recognize that while planning for the future and learning from the past are important, I must be willing to die at any moment, and, if I die, I must die fully immersed in the present.

I have an affinity with nature and with other humans, as when I am immersed in the moment, I can empathize with the rhythms of nature and the feelings of others.

At all times my deepest core is at peace, even in the presence of great outside stressors.

I am creator, 
I create the world around me and within me as I see fit. I use my unlimited power and will to change the future, my will is my greatest tool with which I can create, and change the world.

My work ethic is unparalleled and this is what allows me to create such great works. I create things out of passion, out of joy, out of expression, things that are astounding, that express who I am, and enhance others’ lives.

As a creator, I know my body may die, but I will not, as I will live on in my creations, which are and always will be created in my image.

I radiate a force and power tangible to all who come in contact with me.

I am a man who moves the world.

I am a child.
I seek to immerse myself in joy and love free of self-consciousness or pretension. I play and laugh freely, drawing those around me into a state of playfulness. My imagination is endless and wonderful, my greatest tool with which to play with the world.

I can direct my innocence and imagination to solve problems in a creative fashion, and see simple solutions that elude others. I do not use play as a means to an end; it is an end in itself.

Laughter is my greatest gift to the world, and happiness is my greatest gift to myself. If I must die, I will die with laughter in my heart.

I am Marcio Borlenghi Fasano.

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