It’s NOT Business as Usual for This Year’s Meeting of the Italian Tories

By Dr. Marcio Borlenghi Fasano, Political Marketing Strategist Chief for SW - Contact 03333444181

This year, the Annual General Meeting of the Italian Conservative Group was hosted on the 27th of March, 2018 in an iconic room of Parliament.

Deputy Chairman Stefania Signorelli

The focus for the meeting was:

  • To take stock of where the Group was; the goals achieved and those in the future
  • To announce the members of the new Executive Council and the Members of the Committee
  • To thank all the delegates of the other Groups and affiliates of the Conservatives Party who brilliantly supported the Italian Conservative Group over the past three years
  • Excuses received from Honorary Vice-president Domenico Meliti and Patrons Lord Leigh of Hurley, Kemi Badenoch, MP, Zac Goldsmith, MP and Dominic Johnson.


Deputy Chairman Stefania Signorelli promptly opened the meeting and thanked all of the volunteers who dedicate their free time for the progress of the Italian Conservative Group. She praised their hard work of canvassing and noted their dedication, no matter the weather.

Robert Courts MP, Marcio Fasano, Mktg Strategist and Chris Vinante, Chairman of the Italian Tories and Cllr candidate for Brentford

Then Robert Courts, MP and one of Italian Conservative Group’s most notable Patrons, said that we are an organised group…fun, welcoming and inclusive. He made note of our ability to raise funds for the group on short notice, getting it done right.

Chairman and founder Chris Vinante was most gracious in his welcoming of our Honorary President Alberto Costa, and in his appreciation of Stefania Signorelli’s hard work at putting together events in prime locations.

He also thanked (Honorary president) Dr Maurizio Bragagni, for providing a great stand at last year’s AGM in Manchester, remarking that Dr Bragagni is without comparison when it comes to promoting and supporting the Italian Conservative Group.

Dr Fasano and Alberto Costa, MP

Speaker and Honourable President Alberto Costa, a proud son of Italian immigrants, Member of the British Parliament and Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy shared a story that encapsulates the goals of the Italian Conservative Group and the Conservative party.

“Yesterday, a group of school children came to see me. And a young 16 years old girl asked me, “Mr. Costa, how can we get involved in Democracy?”

After explaining the meaning of the word Democracy to this young girl, Costa told her that “the very fact that you’ve come to Parliament, the very fact that you’re engaging, the very fact that you’re asking the question, is already a step in the right path.”

Dr. Fasano and Sarah Gezdari, Candidate Councillor for Richmond

He continued, “It is my honour to have been selected by you as the Honorary President. Many years ago, when I was growing up in Scotland, in Glasgow, I didn’t think I’d be standing in Committee Room 14, addressing fellow Italians and friends of Italy, supporters of Italy who have come here this evening, and this very room, Committee Room 14.

“When I was first elected three years ago, I was standing in the back, under the green monitor, the room was packed full of conservative MPs, and standing here…was David Cameron, who had won the first conservative majority since 1992.”

Costa went on to explain his support of Dr Tania Mathias, remarking how important it was to have people with her skills, ability and measured tone sit on the green benches in Parliament.

He also assured those of the Italian community in the UK who were not naturalised that he would make every effort to ensure they would have their rights extended not just pre Brexit, but during the implementation period.

Dr Tania Mathias

Dr Tania Mathias, who speaks fluent Italian, made a speech in Italian saying “It’s always a pleasure to be with the Italian Conservatives Group. The support that the Conservative party received from the Italian Conservatives Group. was crucial during the Brexit negotiations, but more importantly, when the negotiations are completed, the Italian Conservatives Group. will continue to be an important organisation.”

Mark Field, Minister of Estate for Asia and pacific also patron of Italian Conservatives Group representative in Parliament said, UK is leaving the EU, but we will remain close friends of the EU going forwards. “We have some values in common,” he said.

Field continued, remarking that Dr.Tania Mathias was a much respected MP and that the “Italian Conservatives Group will support her coming back at the earliest opportunity.” A statement that received much applause.

Italian Conservatives Group Patron Dr.Tania Mathias was overwhelmed with the support she heard from current MPs and the Italian Conservatives Group…perhaps a sign that we could have her back in Parliament soon?

Marcio Borlenghi Fasano, “International Performance Marketing” – 2017 Award Winner for Santander for best performance marketing strategy.

With an extensive list of international awards in marketing achieved in both the public and private sectors, “born and bred” Conservative, Dr Marcio Borlenghi Fasano is a crucial element to Italian Conservatives Group’s strategy going forward. His expertise will play a key part in the success of conservative candidates backed by the Italian Conservatives Group.

Dr Fasano – confirmed as a member of the Italian Conservatives Group Executive Committee- quickly showed his grasp of what the Italian Conservatives Group and The Conservatives needs by explaining the importance of keeping up with technology and the importance of using language that is clear, plain and concise to engage with the youth…our future voters.

He noted that conservatives tend to use a very colloquial language…making it difficult to engage with the younger generation and pointed out the Labour’s use of “plain language” helps them to connect with the youth more easily than with conservatives.

Committee Room 14, the most Iconic room in the House of Parliament

In closing, Costa briefly thanked the Italian Conservatives Group and noted that as a son of immigrants, like so many in that room, it’s important to never give up on their dreams.

Italian living in the #UK? Join the Italian Conservatives
Italian living in #Brentford? Vote Chris Vinante for Councillor
Italian living in #Richmond?Vote Sarah Gezdari for Councillor
Italian living in #Wandsworth?Vote Salvatore Murtas for Councillor

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