Do Brands benefit from understanding User Demographics?

There has always been an outstanding debate on whether brands and advertisers benefit from understand who their users are and how Advertising technology help them understand the ever changing dynamic of brand consumption

Plenty of times brand owners have been provided with the information around demographics. Does this help them . YES — quite possible , almost certainly. but is this enough ?

We at Advangelists beg to differ. In addition to understand user demographics Brands also need to understand How it works?

For the better part of 2017, Almost every Ad etch company has been talking about AI and Machine learning. and Why shouldn’t they? Automation is KEY to what the future holds for us.

That being said, keeping automation a secret and not exposing it does not help in validating the concept.

We are proud to bring to you a Complete Transparent AI and machine leanring System — Advangelists’ BASIC. Nearly everyone who started with computer in the 80’s and 90’s started programming in BASIC. We took a spin on it and decided to call our AI system BASIC. After all AI is supposed to make it feel natural and simple to the end user, whilst keeping all the complexities to itself

BASIC– Broadcasting Artificial intelligence & Synchronizing Inference Computing helps us not only to get the right information to our system to Auto optimize but also make this information available to Brands in a format that helps them understand how the AI enhances their campaign results.

Lets walk through is using an example:

Lets say an advertiser- A well known Streaming music company is trying to expand in the Middle East. If I were that brand i would not only like to know

  • The Inventory and Demographic breakdown of my audience

Whats States and City were the best for this advertiser?

Wait, can i know what phones they use- just so that i make sure my app experience is the best and i can employ my Dev resources ?

What carries do they use — i would love to use this data to strike better deals –

One of my friends said — “ Machine Learning is cool but you know what is cooler — LEARNING MACHINE LEARNING “

I would juts leave you at this thought- Please feel free to reach out — Would love to hear your thoughts/ may be grab a beer if you wanna chat 🙂

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